Jackson Pollock

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This was drawn on August 11 when I read that on that date, sixty six years ago, in 1956 Jackson Pollock was killed in a single vehicle car crash.

Jean Jacques Sempe’

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Jean Jacques Sempe’ was an illustrator working in France known for his editorial illustrations and his character Le Petit Nicolas. He is known in North America for his New Yorker cartoons. He passed away on August 11.

Malcolm Gladwell

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Malcolm Gladwell getting press lately over his opinion that going to a place of work and interacting with fellow workers is better for both the employee and employer than when working remotely from home.

Ana Karina

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Recently deceased, aged 79. Search in YouTube on, “dance scene Bande à part” to see her dance in the 1964, Jean-Luc Godard film of the same name. Ana Karina would have been 23 years old at the time.

Stuart Broomer

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Two years ago next week I saw Stuart Broomer (guitar) perform at the Somewhere Music Festival with Arthur Bull (guitar), David Lee (bass), Eric Stach (alto saxophone) and a gentleman on drums, my apologizes to him in not having his … Read More