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 Even though this site is in a start up phase much of the basic structure is set, image files of woodblock prints now populate the print gallery of Patience Morrisey and the galleries of the artist dh have images of his drawings and prints. My intent is to add a new drawing, image or display posted via the blog page on a daily basis. When appropriate it will point to other areas of the site that have fresh images, media files or other items of interest.

The contact form is in place if you have a question or care to leave a comment.



Latest Postings

Robert Markle

I was talking this weekend to a friend about the first time I met the painter, musician, and writer Robert Markle and thought I would put up a quick sketch. He made a... Read More

Tom Hayden

A tip of the hat to Tom Hayden who passed away yesterday. Fresh out of school in 1961, a quick read that summarizes the Port Huron Statement that he had a hand in... Read More