James Thurber

Gary Michael Dault’s latest blog post was a piece regarding the drawings of James Thurber and Thurber’s book that was published in 1946, ‘Men Women and Dogs’. GMD writes with intelligence, Thurber’s drawings kill. …dh http://www.garymichaeldault.com/

Simone de Beauvoir

Simone Lucie Ernestine Marie Bertrand de Beauvoir – You’ve gotta love that handle. I was shuffling through my back pocket sketch books and realized I haven’t come close to scanning all of the drawings I have done over the years. … Read More

Lucian Freud

I recently read Lucian Freud’s biography by Gordie Greig titled ‘Breakfast With Lucian’. It’s a biography in the form of a series of conversations that Greig had with LF usually while having breakfast at Freud’s regular haunt near his studio. … Read More

Rory MacLean

There is a terrific article in the Guardian today written by Rory MacLean. It’s about the exposure he had to David Bowie in the 1970s. A nicely written and not to sappy recollection about artistic life in Berlin and the … Read More

Sean Penn

I see Sean Penn is in the news about his interviewing the slippery drug boss Joaquín Guzmán.  I haven’t read enough specific to SP’s exploits in Mexico to to have a serious opinion on the issue. Journalist or entertainers getting … Read More

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