Guy Clark

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..wished I was in Austin… hmmm in the Chili Parlor Bar. I couldn’t let the passing of Guy Clark go unmarked. …dh

Michael S. Harper

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Today I was introduced to the poet Michael S. Harper by way of his obituary (1938 – 2016) in the New York Times. Then on to read other materials and watch him deliver some of his work on YouTube. He … Read More

Matty Matheson

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Matty Matheson has a few eating establishments in Toronto.  Parts & Labour on Queen Street is the one I’m familiar with having eaten there. He also has a TV show on the Vice Channel, called Dead Set On Life. In … Read More

Merle Haggard

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I’ve been trying to get to a drawing of Merle Haggard since I heard of his passing early in the week. Too many distractions. I put on some of his tunes today and had good time. Here is my tip … Read More

Syl & Vern Print

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I had a wood block sitting around that I had pulled a couple of proofs from years ago of brother and sister Sphynx cats named Syl and Vern. I had used an 11″ x 14″ block of pine that was … Read More

Edward Carey

It’s Edward Carey today because he has a piece in the ‘on-line’ New York Times book review section titled ‘Drawing Inspiration’ in which he opens with the name William Makepeace Thackery. First off WMT’s parents in 1811 decide to give … Read More

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