About the Site

The name of the web site comes from my habit of always having a passport size sketch book in my back pocket.  The book is usually made up of thirty two or so pages and by the time I’m on my last page it can be pretty dog eared, worn and pressed. I have one that made it through a wash cycle. Some of the quick sketches that I have posted here are scans from these sketch books. I’m also the owner of an intaglio press which I use to take impressions from various surfaces.
I pay little attention in trying to get a piece “right”.  I try to get it down and see what I have and see where it leads. Oscar Wilde is credited with writing, “All criticism is autobiographical”.   I like the idea a lot because as it relates to drawing and art it means a criticism or a reaction to a piece is never wrong .  It speaks to the point of putting art out there for others to reflect upon. The reaction to the work becomes a reflection of the viewer and their own self awareness; where the artist is back in studio working on the next piece.