Mona Hatoum

Although her name was familiar to me, Mona Hatoum’s work was not. In correspondence with a friend MH’s work was brought to my attention as a response to a photograph that I took of a wall of shining new scaffolding that is being used in the renovation of the Grand Hall of Union Station in Toronto. The structures that the workers had created are stunning and they reminded me of Ai WeiWei’s bicycle constructions and I immediately thought of the scaffolding that Michelangelo would have had to use to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling. My friend who lives in the U.K. said “yes and Mona Hatoum and Cornelia Parker and Oh! the Wicker Man a bit”. I took a quick peek at Mona Hatoum’s work on line and I”m looking forward to taking a longer look when I have more time next week. …dh