Patience Morrisey – UCM Show – April 2016 – “Waiting For The Swallows”

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Patience Morrisey has a new gallery on this sites that displays the prints and pastels that she will have in a show at the Unitarian Congregation Mississauga in April of this year.

There is an abandoned high school in Oakville, Ontario that has tall chimneys where the Chimney Swifts nest every year. Patience has captured their flight patterns and activity in her usual poetic and graphically stunning manner. …dh

  1. Patrick

    There is some very nice artwork on this site. Not only the more traditional work, but the sketching’s based on obituaries. I picked this post to comment on because I really withdrawn to the print at the heading of the post. it’s almost as if I’m compelled to write a short story based on the print.

    Very nice – I’ll be back anticipating an ever increasing portfolio.