Edward Carey

It’s Edward Carey today because he has a piece in the ‘on-line’ New York Times book review section titled ‘Drawing Inspiration’ in which he opens with the name William Makepeace Thackery. First off WMT’s parents in 1811 decide to give him the second name of Makepeace which is a couple of hundred years ahead of Ron Artest who changed his name to World Meta Peace. Carey goes on to write that WMT wanted to illustrate a novel and the only way he could do it was to write one himself, which turned out to be ‘Vanity Fair’.

Up until today I wasn’t much aware of Thackery (or Carey for that matter) but in searching on his drawings I discovered that of course I’m familiar with the drawings he produced. I just didn’t have a name to associate with them. Thanks to Carey’s piece on artist/writer illustrators I will enjoy the next couple of days discovering more. …dh