Robert J. Gordon

Paul Krugman’s review of the “The Rise And Fall of American Growth” by Robert J. Gordon is in the Book section of the New York Times on line. Mr. Gordon’s thesis is that post 1970 advancements can’t hold a candle … Read More

Harry Kane

Here is a quick try at Harry Kane, a young man who plays football in the Premier League and one of the top scorers. It’s my view that the depiction of sports or it’s players in any art form is … Read More

Edmonde Charles-Roux

Even for one of my a quick 5 minute morning sketches this one was super rushed, she deserves better; however I read of Edmonde Charles-Roux passing a few days ago and found her life story fascinating. As a nurse in … Read More

Helen Frankenthaler

I went to see a show of paintings at the Art Gallery of Ontario’s curated from their collection called ‘ A New Look: 1960s and 70s Abstract Painting. Paintings by the post abstract expressionist,Frank Stella, Jack Bush, Gene Davis, Helen … Read More

Frances Morris

Frances Morris was named to run the Tate Modern as it was written and commented on by Jonathan Jones. I think The Guardian is one of the few major news outlets that regularly reports on art as in painting, drawing … Read More

Anatoly Litvinenko

Anatoly and his mother, Marina Litvinenko, along with their lawyer Elena Tsirlina had the spot light briefly this week. I presume they managed to get some satisfaction out of the results of the inquiry into Alexander Litvinenko assassination.  Only three … Read More

Marina Litvinenko

Marina Litvinenko is the widow the assassinated Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. I have been following the coverage by the Guardian online of the inquiry into the dirty deed that ‘done him in’. The thing that got my attention after a … Read More

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